False Albacore & Bonita

 If you like fast running, hard fighting fish, these small members of the tuna family will not disappoint. March and April offer a small window for big schools of Bonita moving up the coast past Bogue Inlet. Catching daybreak on calm days is the ticket to catching the bonita. We cast to large, breaking schools with high speed metal jigs and glass minnow imitations, and the strike and fight is pound-for-pound as good as it gets. Some false albacore move through at this time, but the time for albies is definitely the fall. Sept.- December brings massive schools and a much more reliable bite for false albacore. Although they are not good table fare, false albacore run bigger and even better fighters than the tastier bonita. For the ultimate challenge, 10-weight flyrods are the thing to bring, and fast stripping glass minnow flies can hook you up with a thrill that is hard to top.